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What is RIVER?


Leading Company for URTRA-SMALL Crystal Units

¬Œ^‰»‚Μ‹­‚έElectronic parts made with quartz-specifically, quartz crystal components-account for more than 90% of RIVER ELETEC sales. Of the various components on the market, we offer quartz crystal units and oscillators. In particular, we specialize in surface-mount devices (SMDs) produced using proprietary e-beam sealing. Our continuing success has come from a focus on high-tech applications such as compact mobile devices (including smartphones, digital cameras, and portable game systems); short-range wireless communications (via Bluetooth, WLAN, and so on); car electronics; and medical devices. Meanwhile, RIVER ELETEC product development has been guided by a quest for ever-smaller components, helping us take the industry lead in miniaturization.

Milestones in Miniaturization


As shown below, RIVER ELETEC components feature impressively small scales, with the smallest measuring a mere 1.6~1.2 mm. We have consistently led the industry, staying one step ahead in miniaturization thanks to the crystallization of our technical expertise. Our quest for smaller components began with a tiny resistor used in the worldfs first portable transistor radio-the Sony TR-55, released in 1955. »•iƒ‰ƒCƒ“ƒiƒbƒvThis feat showcased our corporate DNA and inspired us to create smaller, lighter components and tackle unprecedented challenges. Even today, long after our production shifted from resistors to quartz crystal components, we continue this quest for smaller components in all that we do.

Electron Beam Sealing (EBS)

•L‚’Žό”g”‘Ξ‰žProof of our technical expertise is evident in revolutionary innovation: fabrication using electron beam sealing. An advance over traditional sealing with resin or other materials, this technique represents truly revolutionary production that opens the door to smaller, higher-quality components than ever before.

In the realm of quartz blanks - core parts in quartz crystal components that play a major role in determining performance - other advantages offering higher performance over a broad frequency range have been our exceptional design skills (backed by oscillation research) and underlying precision fabrication know-how. Finally, production facilities developed in-house support high-precision assembly and original manufacturing process design to ensure consistent quality and productivity for products users can rely on. We are dedicated to perfecting these innovative approaches, which we expect to yield significant advantages as wellsprings of RIVER ELETEC product development and research.“dŽqƒr[ƒ€••Ž~H–@

Division of Production and Sales, with Multiple Group Companies

ΒXƒŠƒo[ƒeƒNƒmŽΠˆυ Separate group subsidiaries manage production and sales. Manufacturing is done by wholly-owned subsidiaries Aomori River Techno Co., Ltd., River Electronics (Ipoh) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia and Xifan River Electronics Corporation in China. Our sales network comprises domestic sales offices in Tokyo and Osaka, a liaison office in South Korea, and wholly-owned subsidiaries Taiwan River Co., Ltd., River Electronics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. and Xifan River Electronics Corporation in China. Together, we serve not just markets in Asia, but worldwide, including North America and Europe.

Corporate Group Values: Innovation, Quality, and Environmental Awareness

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, RIVER ELETEC meets exacting needs in quality and environmental performance.

Quartz crystal components will fulfill more critical roles as digital networks spread across the globe. We will tackle the challenge of developing the next generation of valuable components. We remain committed to greater stakeholder satisfaction for our shareholders, business partners, communities, and employees. Through corporate management worthy of universal respect, we work toward sustainable operations that enrich society.


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